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TCI Opposition Leader Wants Fresh Elections For BVI

Leader of the Opposition the Hon. Edwin Astwood is calling on the United Kingdom Government to allow fresh elections for the British Virgin Islands instead of suspending parts of the constitution.

The opposition leader made the plea while addressing the House of Assembly on Wednesday.

A commission of inquiry report recommended suspension for parts of the constitution. The pulling of the constitution would include yanking power from the elected government led by the embattled Premier Andrew Fahie, who was arrested by the DEA during a sting operation in Florida last week.

Fahie has been a fierce critic of the British Government, often accusing 10 Downing Street of attempts to chip away power from the people through what he described as spurious allegations against the government and the public sector.

Aswood told the House that the TCI has not recovered constitutionally from the snatching of its constitution by the British since 2009, hinting that the BVI could suffer the same fate.

“We in the TCI are and still suffering as a result of the suspension of our constitution in 2009 and we have never since retain full control of our country without interference from the UK Government,” he said.

The opposition leader urged the people of the British Virgin Islands to agitate for a new election, rather than having their constitution suspended, with an interim government ruling in its stead.

Astwood pointed out that a formal letter in support of fresh elections for the BVI would follow be dispatched to the British Virgin Islands Government before the week was out.

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