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Work Permit, Status Card, Driver’s License Fraudster fined $25,500

The book was thrown at a Haitian National who forged a Turks and Caicos Islands Status Card, a TCI Work Permit Card and a TCI Drivers, when he appeared in the Magistrate's Court on Providenciales on Tuesday, November 1.

Wanly Constant, 34, was fined $25,500 or several years in prison. He was charged in relation to a report on Wednesday 26th October, 2022, that he uttered forged documents to the authorities during the Royal Turks and Caicos Islands Police Force’s “Operation Reclaim” exercise.

Constant was charged with possession of irregular work permit, possession of national Turks and Caicos Islander Status Card, possession irregular driver’s license and remaining in the Islands beyond his permitted time.

Constant pleaded guilty to all four charges and was sentenced on all counts. He was ordered to immediately pay $10,000 for possession of an irregular work permit. On default would be sentenced to two years imprisonment.

On possession of an irregular National Turks and Caicos Islander Status Card, Constant was fined $10,000 to be paid immediately, and if he defaulted, to spend two years at His Majesty’s Prison.

For possession of an irregular drivers license he was fined $500 to be immediately paid, and on default to spent three months in prison. And on the charge of remaining in the Islands beyond his permitted time he was ordered to immediately pay $5,000, and on default to spend one year in prison.

The sentences are to run concurrently and deportation was recommended by the court.


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