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44 Year-old Man Accused Of Raping Minor Charged

Latharis Anthony Harvey, the man accused of raping a minor was charged on Thursday, September 22, by the Royal Turks and Caicos Islands Police Force.

Harvey has been accused of sexually violating a 13 years old. He is expected to appear before Magistrate Court sometime next week.

Harvey, who resides in South Caicos, was arrested on Tuesday (September 20th ,2022) after a report was made on the behalf of a seven-year-old girl. Shortly after the report, he was taken into custody, by officers of the Safeguarding and Public Protection Unit, who commenced investigations.

Commissioner of Police Trevor Botting is again reminding the public, that the Royal Turks and Caicos Islands Police Force has a zero tolerance approach against cases of violence and sexual abuse.

“A child who is being abused may only reach out for help once. If a report is made to you, please report the matter urgently. The RTCIPF have a dedicated Safeguarding and Public Protection Team and will deal with any reports professionally, sensitively and discreetly. Parents, teach your children the difference between appropriate and inappropriate touch. Let your children know they can confide in you, no matter the situation”.

Additionally, the RTCIPF advises that if you suspect a child being abused, to immediately utilize any of the following options; make a report at the nearest police station, contact the Safeguarding and Public Protection Unit at 232- 6696, or call 911.

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