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Check Your Passport Before Travelling – Home Affairs

The Department of Citizenship and Naturalization within the Ministry of Home Affairs, Transportation, Broadcasting, Energy, and Utilities wishes to remind all citizens of the Turks and Caicos Islands of the importance of checking the validity of their passports whether there are immediate plans to travel, or not.

More significantly, the expiry dates on passports must be checked before purchasing airline tickets as strict guidelines are governing the issuance of TCI emergency passport stock.

Emergency temporary passports may be issued locally under the following conditions:

  • Request from InterHealth Canada regarding an EMERGENCY transfer of a patient to

another country outside the Turks and Caicos Islands.

  • Urgent business travel by Government Officials and Parliamentarians.

  • Any other travel that may be considered on compassionate grounds.

Further, the Department wishes to advise that when you are travelling your Passport MUST have validity of six months and beyond.

Additional information and forms may be found on the website



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