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Children Flock Five Cays PNP CC Back-to-School Supply Giveaways

Children who reside in the Five Cays, South Dock and Chalk Sound constituency were treated to a variety of school supplies on Saturday, August 21, by the Progressive National Party (PNP) Constituency Council.

The 500 backpacks filled with notebooks, rulers and writing utensils ran out within the first half-hour of distribution at the Felix Morely Community Centre, Five Cays in Providenciales, as residents of the area made good use of the opportunity.

The giveaway was held under organized and strict Covid-19 safety protocols.

According to Ms Arnelle Taylor, Chairperson for the Constituency Council, the giveaway was sponsored with the purpose of assisting families with their preparation for the 2021-2022 primary and high school academic year, considering the financially difficult time being faced by some parents because of the pandemic.

“This giveaway and other events sponsored by the Council are illustrative of the PNP and the Constituency Council’s commitment to playing an active and ongoing role in securing the wellbeing and the advancement of the people of Five Cays, South Dock, and Chalk Sound,” Taylor said.

The PNP’s Five Cays, South Dock, and Chalk Sound Constituency Council has dubbed itself as a voluntary council that provides advice, insight, and feedback to the entity on behalf of the residents of the area. It said the council also engages in ongoing community organization and activities aimed toward promoting social action and wellbeing.



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