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Covid-19 and the Vaccine? | Opinion

Years ago, when I was required to get a vaccination for some odd disease, I did not question, I just "got in line" and had my shot! Keep in mind that it was about 40 years ago when polio and rubella was the scourge.

Back then it was just one shot per person. This would give you "coverage / immunity" for several years. After this time period had expired, if you chose, you could get another "booster" shot!

At this point the writer will admit that I am not for or against the Covid vaccine! However, due to nature of my business - travel related - I chose to get the vaccine! At the time of introduction of vaccines many countries and airlines were debating the question of requiring their passengers and visitors to be vaccinated. So, to get a "jump" on this eventuality, I got vaccinated!

Point one - there was no mass hysteria so many years ago about vaccines! They were all well researched and approved. The " disease" at the time was acknowledged as a credible threat. Result a fairly compliant Worldwide group of people eager to line up and get their shot.

Point two - the vaccination back then had an efficacy of several years (6 +) by then the disease of the time was eradicated.

So proper vetting and research during creation. And proven "record" of actually "helping" people to resist the disease in the long term!

Now jump many years hence to 2020 - 2021 and Covid-19 rises to threaten the Globe. Several countries go in to overdrive to crack the "covid code" and create an effective vaccine!

Covid-19 is as scary as can be. Healthy people who get it decline quickly and many die. So, you, reader now know how it has ravaged countries, especially people with any type of preexisting issues that caused their system to be compromised…!! No doubt something is “killing” people worldwide by the thousands.

A mad "scramble" ensues" and eventually several companies and countries develop a " vaccine". However, this time there is no " trust" from the people and no type of guarantee that the " creation" will be very effective. Or that the vaccine will last long!! The " consensus" of the medical community was that a possible " booster" shot would be needed after (8) months.

I will not speak to the Google "madness" that ensued during and after the vaccine creation. Or the "interesting" juxtaposed" behavior exhibited by the medical community. Moreover, the myopic behavior of politicians attempting to "politicize" the entire process and disease. I will say that all of this served one purpose: to divide! Not to HELP!!

My questions are more basic:

1. Why is the "medicine" taken now called a vaccine?

It does not do anything that the "old type" vaccines did - provide immunity and last for several years.

2. Should this be categorized like the "Flu Shot"! For clarity! So we - the people - know that this is "prophylactic" and may need to be reapplied every year or any time there is a major Worldwide flare up of this "new disease"?

If the people understand this about the vaccine maybe the resistance would be less! The expectation would be better managed. And the choice of to get or not get would be clearer! People that do not get vaccinated in the first “round” may reconsider for the second? Hmmmmm? This issue has become so polarizing that clarity and consensus from the Medical Community is mandatory. A united front may be a key to reduce anxiety and send a sense of calm throughout communities.

All most individuals want to know is:

- How effective is this?

- Will it have long lasting residual effect on my body?

- Will I need more shots in the future?

- Can I opt out of the program (personal choice)?

Frank and earnest is a long standing “joke” but in this instance it is what is surely needed. On all levels conversations that have the “gravity” like the one PM Mia Motley gave to her citizens in Barbados, about Covid has to be held. The “adults” and “professionals” in da room need to speak up. The Google “students” need to listen.

Follow this with an open discussion. Guidelines can then be developed that in effect, would be Universal for Turks and Caicos. Also, let US know what scenarios (predicted) could be depending on our choices.

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