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Decisions Taken At Latest Cabinet Meeting

His Excellency the Governor, Nigel Dakin, chaired the 10th meeting of Cabinet on Wednesday 28 April 2021 at the Office of the Premier in Providenciales.

The follow are decisions taken during the meeting:

  • Were updated on the COVID-19 situation in TCI.

  • Noted an information paper from the Ministry of Health that provides plans to address travellers arriving into TCI from Brazil, Venezuela and other high risk countries.

  • Approved the following appointments to the committee that oversees the Infrastructure Improvement Account:

- Permanent Secretary of Finance or his/her designate – Appointed as TCIG voting member

- Permanent Secretary Ministry of Planning and Infrastructure or his/her designate – Appointed as TCIG non-voting member

- Permanent Secretary of Tourism or his/her designate - Appointed as TCIG non-voting member

- Mr David Candib – Appointed as voting Carnival Member

- Mr Vishal Kakkanad – Appointed as Carnival Non-voting member

- Mr Desmond Hall – Appointed as Carnival non-voting member

  • Granted approval for the Minister of Finance to overturn the decision of the Collector of Stamp Duty and grant the 25% waiver under the stamp duty policy for Mr Marcus Howarth.

  • Approved a Development Agreement Order regarding a development expansion proposal for JEM TCI Holdings Ltd, Bay Resorts, South Caicos.

  • Noted the information update from Invest Turks and Caicos regarding Sea-T Adventures and the status of negotiations regarding a Development Agreement between Sea-T Adventures and TCIG for a cruise terminal on Salt Cay.

  • Were updated on the outstanding audit of Holiday Villages Dba Club Med.

  • Agreed the cancellation of the Treasury Building Project.

  • Approved the extension of the COVID-19 curfew to 01:00 am to allow the Forest Production cast, film crew and local employees, to continue filming a reality audio-visual shoot on behalf of NBC Universal. The period of the extension is from 25 April to 2 May 2021.

  • Approved the Status of Children (Parentage Testing Procedure) Regulations 2020 and bringing into force the Status of Children Ordinance 2019 and the Status of Children (Parentage Testing Procedure) Regulations 2020. The Status of Children Ordinance was passed in the House of Assembly on the 28 January 2019.

  • Approved the application for a licence to:

- Steven McGill and Elizabeth McGill for the construction of a rock breakwater extending seaward of parcel 60506/61.


- Peter Nemec for the repair and extension of an existing breakwater located seaward of parcels 60506/59 & 60 and for the construction of a new low-crested groyne extending seaward of the northeastern boundary of parcel 60506/59.

  • Approved an application by Mr Quincy Leonard Thomas for the reparcellation of Crown land parcels 60900/241 and 60900/242 for the purpose of rectifying the encroachment of the residential development on parcel 60900/242 on parcel 60900/241.The reparcellation is subject to the Crown Land Unit obtaining the consent from the owner and mortgagee/chargee of parcel 60900/242.

- Approved the variation of the lease registered on parcel 60900/241 to reflect the change in parcel number resulting from the reparcellation of parcels 60900/241 & 242.

- granted approval for Mr. Quincy Thomas to acquire the freehold interest in Parcel 60900/241.

Approved the following appointments to the Turks and Caicos Islands Airports Authority Board (TCIAA): Andre Malcolm Jr. (Existing Appointment) - Chairman as per section 10(4)(a) of the TCIAAO; Adriana Gibson (New Appointment) - Deputy Chairman; Kyle Smith (New Appointment) – Director ; Dwayne Gardiner (New Appointment) – Director; Permanent Secretary, Finance or Designate – Director; CEO – Airports Authority - Ex-Officio. The appointments are for a period of 2 years with effect from 1 October 2020.

  • Approved the following appointments to Turks and Caicos Islands Ports Authority Board: Mr. Tueton Williams – Chairman (New Appointment); Kesha Gardiner – Deputy Chairman – (New Appointment); Crosley Bain – Member – (New Appointment); Tracey Parker-Gray – Member – Shipper (New Appointment); Pastor Dennis Swann – Member – (New Appointment); PS Finance/Nominee – Ex-officio member; PS Ports –Ex-officio member; Director of Ports –Ex-officio member; Chief Engineer – Ex-officio member; Collector of Customs – Ex-officio member. The appointments are for a period of 2 years with effect from 1 May 2021.

  • Noted an information paper on the 2020/2021 End of Year Procurement Report.

  • Approved commencement of Phase 2 “Return to Training-Close Contact” for all sports, and commencement of Phase 3 “Return to Domestic Competition” for selected sports (Track, Field, Swimming and Football) on 1 May, subject to appropriate COVID testing or vaccination requirements.


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