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Fire Scare On Board Carnival Ship

Fire broke out on board a carnival cruise ship while docking at the Grand Turk Cruise Center on Thursday.

An amateur image from the fire on the ship

However, the boat 's management was able to work with local officials to quickly clear the vessel of all its passengers and some crew members, while they doused the fire. No injuries were reported.

Carnival was quick to put out a statement regarding the fire, which it said was put under control quickly.

"Earlier this morning, Carnival Freedom's emergency response team quickly activated and extinguished a fire inside the ship’s funnel while the ship was in Grand Turk.

"All guests and crew are safe, and the ship’s guests were cleared by local authorities to go ashore. We continue to assess the situation," the statement said.

It is understood that while berthing at the port, crew members and passengers saw thick black smoke billowing from a section.

The local response teams, including the TCI Regiment were also activated and placed on standby in the event they were needed, according to Governor Nigel Dakin.

“We remain poised to help if needed, including responding to any requests that may be made by Carnival in support of passengers,” Governor Dakin said.

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