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Flags To Fly at Full Mast Until Waterloo Proclamation Sunday

The Raising of Turks and Caicos Flags to full mast on Saturday is to mark the proclamation of King Charles III, according to Governor His Excellency Nigel Dakin.

"Flags will be raised to full mast tomorrow to mark the Proclamation of the new King. That occurs at around 10:00 (UK time) on Saturday and therefore the Flags will be flying at full mast from first light in TCI tomorrow (Saturday).

"The Flags will stay at full mast until after I have made the Proclamation at Waterloo at 11:00 on Sunday, and then return to Half Mast until after Her late Majesty’s Funeral," Governor Dakin said.

The Governor's Office is advising residents who wish to be at Waterloo, to hear the Proclamation, to be there by 10:55 on Sunday.


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