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Flow TCI announces completion of North Caicos Network Upgrade

Flow TCI has confirmed that the transmission upgrade project to alleviate concerns with mobile network congestion in North and Middle Caicos was successfully completed.

Flow’s technical teams continue to monitor the performance of the upgraded network, however, reports from residents have confirmed significant improvement in the service.

Flow TCI Country Manager, Joanne Missick stated: “I must thank our technical operations team for delivering on our promise to the residents in the sister islands and I also extend that thanks to the residents for their cooperation and patience while we worked to deliver a superior network experience. The now move into the next phase which is our Fibre to the Home rollout to transition customers over to our upgraded fibre network.”

Residents who may experience any further issues should report them to our normal fault reporting numbers.

The Flow said its team will continue to alert residents via SMS and social media on any scheduled maintenance and will continue to conduct checks to verify network stabilization.

Flow TCI Facilities Lead, Ronald Gardiner stated: “Though we experienced some delays initially, we have delivered the promised outcome of a better service experience for the twin islands thanks to the additional assistance provided by our technical support teams.”


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