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FortisTCI Elite Youth League Playoffs This Saturday

The playoffs in the FORTIS TCI Elite Youth League will be held on Saturday, July 10, beginning at 10am.

File photo shows action from an Eagle/Lions matchup

The teams that made the playoffs are the Provo Lions, the South Caicos Mariners, the Provo Falcons, Provo Eagles, the Grand Turk Dynamos and the Provo Jaguars.

As against the regular season where three matches were played simultaneously, only one match will be played at a time during the playoffs.

In match one, the Dynamos will go up against the Mariners. In match two, which begins at 11, the Jaguars will face-off against the Falcons, and in the final match of the day, beginning at 12p.m., the Eagles will square-off against the Lions.

Technical Director for the Turks and Caicos Islands Football Association (TCIFA), Andrew Edwards, explained that the field orientation will change during the playoffs, with the game being played from penalty area to penalty area. He said also that the sidelines will be brought in 5M on either side and field dimensions approximately 70M x 55M.

The Provo Eagles topped the regular season table with 34 points from the 14 games played, winning 11, losing just two games and drawing one, with a healthy 57 goals scored and 17 against, to end with a hefty goal difference of 40 goals.

The Provo Lions ended the regular season just one point shy of the Eagles – 33. They won 10 matches, losing one and drawing three. They scored 58 goals – one better than the Eagles – but had 21 scored against them, to end with a difference of 37.

The Provo Jaguars ended the regular season on 32 points, winning 10, losing two and drawing two. They scored 47 goals and conceded 12 to end with a goal difference of 35.

The Provo Falcons, from their allotted 14 regular season games played, amassed 27 points. They scored 45 goals, conceded 22 to end with a 23 goals difference.

The Grand Turk Dynamos ended the regular season with 18 points from their 14 games played. They won six games and lost eight. They scored 35 goals, but conceded a whopping 48, to end their goal average at minus 13.

The South Caicos Marlins also made it to the playoffs. They ended the regular season with 15 points from their 14 games played. From their allotted outings, they won five games, and losing nine. They scored 24 goals, but conceded a mammoth 60, to end that section of the season with a minus 29 goal difference.

The two teams that did not make the playoffs are the Grand Turk Dolphins and the North Caicos Seals.

Both teams ended the regular season on three points each, meaning that from their 14 games played, they just had one victory, each losing 13 games.

The Dolphins scored 24 goals but conceded 65, to end with a goal difference of minus 41. The Seals scored six goals in their 14 games, conceding 58, to end the season with a goal average of minus 52.

The Falcons could have ended the regular season six points better, but after it was discovered that they used an ineligible player – Lucas Coles - in their matches against the Eagles and the Dynamos, three points each were docked, and 3-0 score-line awarded against them for each game.

All players and coaches are required to stay for the presentation and awards ceremony that will start immediately at the conclusion of match 3.



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