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Grand Turk Cruise Center Opening Suffers Slight Opening Setback

The Ministry of Tourism has announced that the scheduled December 7 Grand Turk Cruise Center opening has been set back by at least a week.

The Ministry, through the Tourism Board, made an announcement on Friday, through an Instagram post. The post described the missed deadline as a slight delay. The post noted that the delay had to do with work on the port taking a little longer than anticipated.

“The public is advised that the scheduled reopening of the Grand Turk Cruise Center has been slightly delayed for approximately one week, as the developers prepare the port to welcome back guests,” the Tourism Board said.

The post said further that while there has been a delay, work was moving with much momentum, noting that an on-the-ground assessment revealed that more time was needed for the desired completion.

“The Government of the Turks and Caicos Islands and the Carnival Corporation announced that the reopening would occur in early December 2021, and work has continued at a rapid pace to achieve the initial target, but an on-the-ground assessment indicates that slightly more time is needed.

“As a result, the initial planned return of December 7, 2021, has moved to a return during the week of December 13, with the exact date to be determined,” the Tourist Board post said.

A mutual agreement, after the assessment was made, according to the Tourist Board, by Carnival Corporation and the Turks and Caicos Islands Government was agreed upon, to extend the construction completion date.

“Both parties agree to postpone the reopening to ensure that the GTCC and the community of Grand Turk are ready for the first ship arrival after being closed for 21 months, because of the coronavirus pandemic,” the Tourism Board continued.

The post added: “There is much anticipation of the opening and welcoming guests back after a 21-month pause, with all stakeholders playing their part to make it a success.”

In the meantime, the Ministry of Tourism said that its intense training of those who would interact with the Carnival Cruise Line guests has been ongoing, to shore up service delivery in every sub-sector on that island.

“The Ministry of Tourism, in a stint of training, is preparing tourism service providers for reset in their product and service offerings to guests.

The entity noted that in addition to the Carnival Cruise Line institution, its intense health protocols, the Government of the Turks and Caicos Islands would be instituting its own rigid health protocols as well.



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