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Grand Turk Man Arrested On Firearm/Ammunition Find

In what the police is describing as “a successful authority to search for a firearm" was executed by officers on the island on Grand Turk on Friday, October 1st, which led to a gun and ammunition being seized and the arrest of an 18-year-old man.

Police gave the man’s name as Javaughn Edward Forbes of Prison Road on that Islands.

Information is that officers visited a home on Prison Road, said to have been occupied by the man, and after conducting a search of the premises, recovered an illegal firearm and ammunition. The police did not give the make or type of firearm or how much ammunition was recovered.

As a result, the 18-year-old Forbes was arrested for Keeping Firearm and Keeping Ammunition.

Acting Commissioner of Police Kendall Grant, who weighed in on the latest success by his charges to rid the streets of illegal weapons disclosed that the objective of the Royal Turks and Caicos Islands Police Force is to reduce crime and the fear that it brings, by confiscating illicit weapons.

“It is one of the force’s main goals to safely remove illegal firearms from the streets to reduce crime and the fear of crime in the community. Every gun recovered means one less weapon that can be used to inflict harm”.

The Acting Commissioner extended kudus to those who were involved in the operation.

“Congratulations to the team on Grand Turk for executing this task professionally. Every day, our officers work hard to investigate and recover illegal firearms through intelligence-based policing to identify, interdict, and interrupt armed violent offenders within the communities.

“I want to encourage them to continue this good work to safely and respectfully secure illegal firearms and get them off our streets,” Grant stated.

In the meantime, Forbes was granted police bail and has since been released from lock-up.

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