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Health Regulation Authority Embarks on External Consultation Legislation

The Health Regulation Authority (HRA) is embarking on an external consultation process of the legislative and regulatory framework for the organisation.

Health Minister Hon. Shaun Malcolm

As our valued stakeholders and partners in health, we seek your input through this consultative process.

The HRA wishes to garner your views and comments to ensure the legislation, and accompanying framework is suitable, high-quality, and implementable within the Turks and Caicos Islands. Your participation is vital as you will essentially be the end users.

The Health Regulation Authority (HRA) was established under the Health Regulation Ordinance (2016). The HRA, as a regulatory body, protects healthcare consumers from health risks, provides a safe working environment for healthcare professionals, and ensures public health and welfare.

Standardising and supervising healthcare must ensure that healthcare facilities and bodies comply with public policies and provide safe care to all patients and visitors who access our healthcare system.

Stakeholders can access the below-listed documents via the Government’s Website at

1) Filename: “Health Regulation Authority Regulations 2023”

2) Filename: “Health Regulation (Amendment) Bill 2023”

3) Filename: “HRA Health Care Facilities Standards 2023”

4) Filename: “Defined Hospital Levels”;

5) Filename: “Template to Record Comments”

Any comments and questions you may have should be recorded on “Template to Record Comments” and emailed to

This consultation will be for the duration of three (3) weeks. The deadline is Wednesday, February 16, 2023. Please note that the Health Regulation Authority will not consider feedback received after this time.

The Health Regulation Authority would like to take this opportunity to convey sincere gratitude for our stakeholders’ participation.


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