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Voices from the Streets Part 14- The Power of Choice!

By Nixon Dickenson

Writer Nixon Dickenson (right) with Javaughn ‘Jay’ Forbes

In this week’s article in the series Voices from the Streets, I would like to highlight the views of Javaughn ‘Jay’ Forbes a 21-year-old young man who is choosing to make the right choice. 


I chose to share his story because of his willingness to turn his life and make positive choices. Presently, Jay is a small business owner who lives on the island of Grand Turk. He is the co-owner of a horseback riding company that operates when the Carnival cruise port is opened. He enjoys welcoming the tourists who come to our shores and showing them the beauty of the island using the horseback riding tours. 

Jay was very honest as he shared his story with me and stated that he could be engaging in other activities that could be more lucrative for a young man. However, he chooses to stay on this positive path. He shared that he wants to do better for himself and make a positive difference in his community. 

Jay expressed that working with horses has always been his passion from a young boy as he was able to find solace in riding; whenever he needed to think carefully about decisions that were very important to him. 

He also expressed his desire to expand his business so that other young people could get involved and have an opportunity of gainful employment. Jay shared that although working with horses was not an easy job and sometimes business was slow on days when there were no cruise ships in port, he still believed that horseback riding could be a profitable business for the island as well as keep youths occupied so they are not engaging in negative behaviors.

He believes that this vision could be attainable if the government would consider providing land space where stables could be created, and the various horse owners could provide them with the care that they need.  Jay shared that there are many young men like him who may not be interested in having an office job, hence consideration should be given to create employable opportunities for persons interested in the equine industry. 

He believes that this vision will provide an interest not just for tourists but also our locals, beginning with providing tours for school children and developing their interest in learning about these amazing animals.  As I listened to Jay speak passionately about his choice to provide horse riding tours, I saw a young man who was willing to use the gifts that he was blessed with in a positive way. 

The next time you are in Grand Turk, I hope that you will allow Jay to demonstrate his expertise as a tour guide and take you on an adventurous tour of the island on one of his prized horses.


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