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Money Should Not Be Your Sole Career Motivation

If you go to a job because you are motivated solely by money, you will never be fulfilled, since you could be stuck in a career that makes you miserable, and choose to prolong the misery just because the pay is good.

Author and Hotelier Rachel Gregory (left) share a photo moment with Host of the FLOW In the Morning’s Thursday show ‘Career Connection’.

The observation and advice came from Author and Hotel Manager, Rachel Gregory, who was a guest on the FLOW in the Morning’s Thursday show ‘Career Connection’ with Melanie Smith.

Gregory told the show that when one is desirous of pursuing a career, they want to grow and be fulfilled. She said they place themselves in a position to create ideas, contribute positively and ultimately become visionaries.

“The first question is that am I happy? Am I the best version of myself? Am I living my dream? Am I waking up every morning feeling fulfilled?

“When you love it, you bring me vision, you bring me growth, you bring me ideas,” she said, noting that if one is not searching for growth, they need to rethink their entire approach.

“You have one life to live…everyone has to do an assessment of their life,” she encouraged.

She further advised that before making a career decision, the first element should be love of self.

“Many times, we take these small things for granted. You would realize there are some things that you have to monitor.

“You have to monitor if you are happy, you have to monitor when you are at your lowest, you have to monitor when you are triggered, when you are depressed, because this is the one life we have.

“And if monitoring, you realize, okay, I still love my job,” then you know you do not have to make a career change at this time,” Gregory said.

She also encouraged that one should not be afraid to try new things.

“If you think hospitality is your thing, try it. If you think accounting is your thing, try it, if you think being a mechanic is your thing, try it, because truly you won’t know until you try it,” she said further.

She urged that in a career change one should not burn bridges, but transition in good grace, noting that before shifting from one job to the next, one should make proper closure, which she said would foster a great deal of respect between you and your former employer.

She noted that when making such decisions, it should be about career, and not merely leaving a job for another.

In the meantime, Gregory instructed that one should never make a career decision when flustered, emphasizing that emotion should not be part of the decision-making process.

“If you are about to make a career decision based on emotion, don’t do it. If you are having a bad day, go sleep it off. Make that decision a month from now, because if you make it in a temporary moment, it is like you didn’t truly fulfil the steps. If you do it on an emotional basis, you are not logically thinking,” she argued.

Gregory pointed out that one of the hardest things about making a career change is consideration of the good relationships that you have established that you will leave behind, and also the apprehension that you will be embarking on the unknown.

She said it is always a good idea to have people in your life who you look to as mentors, that could guide you in the decision- making decisions.

“You need people along the way to help condition your mind, to make you know that you are doing the right thing, because depending (solely) on yourself, it is sometimes not as effective,” she said.

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