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MP Sammy Been To Tackle Unlawful Garbage Disposal In Kew Town

Member of Parliament for Cheshire Hall or ED7, Hon. Samuel Been has begun engaging with the various government agencies to bring an end to the seemingly wanton disposal of solid waste in the Kew Town area.

Garbage being strewn along a section of the community.

Recently, the MP, on the advice of the Environmental Health Department, dispatched a band from his Executive Council to engage with residents of the area to hear some of their concerns and to examine the solid waste condition.

The team found that there was a high level of indiscriminate dumping of waste. The executive members told the MP that every effort to correct the matter was being stymied by some residents, who were ostensibly refusing, for one reason or another, to properly dispose of their waste.

A news release from the constituency executive stated that the way forward was to engage and collaborate with the various government agencies to chart a solution aimed to vigorously enforce proper garbage disposal in a sustainable fashion.

“We will keep our people informed as we move forward to realising a clean and pristine, but healthy community for all residents. Each of us must do our part to ensure these objectives are met,” the Council said.

Photo shows garbage dumped at a certain area of the community.


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