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Myles Munroe Jr. Opens Up On 'FLOW In The Morning'

For the first time since the death of his father approximately seven years ago, Myles Munroe Jr., son of globally renowned pastor, motivational speaker and businessman, the late Dr. Myles Munroe, the Turks and Caicos Islands got to hear how he dealt with the loss, and the strides made so far to create more tangible leaders.

Myles Munroe Jr.

Munroe Jr., who was a guest on Darron Hilaire’s Awakening Possibility – FLOW In The Morning -midmorning show on Radio Turks and Caicos - took his audience on a journey into his reaction to receiving the traumatic news of the place crash that killed his mother, father and close acquaintances and what the recovery process entailed.

He also spoke of continuing his father’s legacy and the tweaks he made to ensure relevance.

Munroe Jr. said while the news of his father’s death hit him like a ton of bricks, because he instilled in him that change is always constant, his death did not consume him, as he understood that at some point loved ones will depart.

He said although his parents passed seven years ago, the feeling is still fresh in his mind.

He said since his father and mother had done a good job preparing him for such eventuality, he did not see the need for therapy, and while he believes he would not get over the loss and still has questions, declared that he found ways to deal with it.

“I believe I have reached a stage of acceptance, simply because of the mentoring from my dad and mom. My dad did a series of overcoming crisis, and that series has helped me through these different stages of loss and unexpected crisis,” Munroe Jr. said, adding that his faith also played a pivotal role.

Myles Jr. who is the CEO of Munroe Global, also spoke of the transitions the business went through after his father’s death, rebranding the companies from that of a personality to one of organizational.

He told Hilaire that his father speaks to him daily through the many books that he had written, plus other content.

Like his father, Myles said he believes that one should “die empty”, by ensuring that they give of themselves to make this world a better place.

“And so, as I live and grow, I want to continue to create, I want to continue to inspire, I want to continue to mentor. I was never going to be my dad…I will never be able to articulate things the way he did and do the things that he did. And I never had an issue with that. While he was here, he made sure I understood that he wanted me to be me, as an individual, and not try to be him,” he said.

Myles Jr. revealed that in the past he tried to separate himself from the Myles Munroe name, because there were so many expectations attached to it, and the public expected him to act a certain way and say certain things.

“I am the total opposite of what my dad was. I am more of an introvert, a very quiet, very private person, especially around people that I don’t know. I kind of come out of my shell a little bit, but for the most part, I was uncomfortable being at the forefront,” he said.

The entrepreneur encouraged black men to begin to build generational wealth, to leave a tangible legacy behind that would be able to continue through generations to come.

He believes that one should always aspire to leadership in order to effect change and make a lasting impact.

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