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Only A Strong, Prosperous, Stable Haiti Will Suffice

Opposition Leader Hon. Edwin Astwood is weighing in on the political fallout in the neighbouring French-speaking Haiti, whose sitting president Jovenel Moïse was assassinated and his wife Martine Moïse injured in the incident.

Opposition Leader Edwin Astwood

The opposition leader calls for a strong, prosperous and stable Haiti, saying that only when that nation attains such qualities that the people living on the sub island and in the diaspora will have greater opportunities.

The following is the Opposition Leader’s statement:

Haiti and her Haitian people have had a recorded, storied history led by Toussaint Louverture.

It emerged in 1804 as the first majority Black nation to become independent. The revolution represented the largest slave uprising since Spartacus' unsuccessful revolt against the Roman Republic nearly 1,900 years earlier.

This compelling fact ushered great hope for majority black nations and enslaved people throughout the world.

Since then, the Haitian people have faced many challenges and have to overcome many hurdles.

They have been forced to traverse throughout the world seeking opportunities to be able to assist their family and loved ones back home. One thing for sure, no matter the shore the Haitian people have landed on they have shown an indomitable spirit and pride in who they are and their beloved Haiti.

Once again Haiti and its people have been forced to face great pain and anxious times with the assassination of their leader President Jovenel Moïse and the attack on his wife First Lady Martine Moise.

Today, in my capacity as the Official Leader of the Opposition and Leader of the People’s Democratic Movement. I offer up our prayers for the quick healing of First Lady Martine Moise, the Government of Haiti and the people of Haiti.

I pray that this tragedy becomes a catalyst for real change and greater opportunities for Haiti and its people. We in the Turks and Caicos Islands and indeed this region need a strong prosperous stable Haiti.

A strong prosperous stable Haiti ushers in greater opportunities and success for all of us in this diaspora. It provides for increased economic opportunity and growth for one of the West Indian’s largest populated countries.

Having prosperity ushered onto the shores of Haiti would be a beacon of hope for all people, but most certainly those of the black diaspora who landed in this region.

To our Haitian brothers and sisters, I reiterate our prayers and well wishes for the Haitian people and look forward for better, brighter days emerging from this painful, sad time. May God continue to bless Haiti bringing healing and unity; affording better days.

May God continue to bless these Beautiful by Nature Turks and Caicos Islands as we mourn

with and pray for the people of Haiti.

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