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Opposition PDM Questions Wisdom Behind Cabinet Shuffle

Deputy Leader of the PDM Robert Been

The opposition Peoples Democratic Movement (PDM) is questioning the rationale behind the ruling Progressive National Party’s (PNP) shuffling of its cabinet, which saw Physical Planning and Infrastructure Development Minister Hon. Akierra Missick push to the backbench, and former backbencher Hon. Shaun Malcolm becoming minister.

A news release over the name of Deputy Leader Robert Been Jr. said also that it expects the Washington Misick administration to call early elections.

The following is the statement by Been:

Once again, this PNP Administration continues to demonstrate that they are incapable of governing.

The Turks and Caicos Islands, and it is made apparent consistently through their poor decision making. Crime continues to increase; health care continues to be a concern. Additionally, the local economy continues to be plagued by high inflation, with the possibility of a recession looming within the next year.

I am sure the people expected much more from a government with a mandate of 14-1. By now we all would have seen the Premier’s release on the shuffle of his Cabinet. I am certain we all questioned this move with the removal of a minister who has proven to be a key player within his team.

If we can recall, when the Premier made the decision not to have a ministry, he clearly stated that the Hon Minister of Long Bay would be the best person to take charge of government business/affairs, so why the change now, is trouble in the camp?

The removal of a young leader in our country without a good reason provided to the people, undoubtedly sends the wrong message to young inspiring politicians as well as our youths. This is concerning for the future of our country when those at the helm have no vision to prepare a place for Turks and Caicos Islanders who show aspirations in future leadership.

The people demand more than a press statement about the shuffle and need to know the reasons behind it. Hon Premier, times have changed from when you were the Chief Minister of this country.

I am certain to be at the head is not easy, but your position was not awarded to you by the people to act as a selfish dictator.

You are charged to make decisions that are in the best interest of the people; decisions that protect the future of our country and that protect the youths who will have to live with the decisions made today. Yet, we are left to wonder whether many of the recent decisions made by this Premier and the Governor are in the best interests of our citizens.

Hon Premier let’s be honest with the people of this country, your first two years of office has been a failure and now you are playing the blame game on your ministers, for example by as going public regarding your disappointment in the delivery of E-governance, the disappointment in crime and the list goes on.

I would strongly recommend you consider doing the people a favor - call an early election instead of shuffling your ministers frequently.

But we need you to address some concerns this week….

What does your government intend to achieve over the short/long term with this shuffle? What is the current position as it relates to getting crime under control?

Yes, we all know that crime is not an overnight fix. It requires all hands-on deck, but it is your duty to provide safety for each citizen, resident, and visitors alike. The people just want to feel a sense of hope that peace will be restored within our Beautiful by Nature islands.

What plans are in place in the event that we are impacted by a possible recession? We do not need more talk of a stimulus check because that is not a long-term fix. Your election campaign was crafted on this, and while it was exciting for a time, reality has hit hard. More mature, wise solutions are needed from you Mr. Premier.

I ask the people of this country to ask themselves, are we better off under this current government?

We, the People’s Democratic Movement, is your government in waiting and we will ensure a safer and more secure future for the people of this country.

I feel your pain my people. Your opposition party will never give up and will not stay silent.

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