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Oreta Stubbs, Sharing her Passion

Oreta Stubbs

A Turks and Caicos Islander who has contributed more than 27 years of service to the hospitality sector, has taken on the mission to help build the next generation of hospitality professionals, one day at a time.

Oreta Stubbs, laundry attendant at Beaches Turks & Caicos was born in North Caicos and moved to Providenciales at the age of 21 to join her husband. She joined the BTCI team shortly thereafter.

Describing herself as very inquisitive and always ready to jump at an opportunity to learn a new skill, Stubbs has garnered experiences across the hospitality industry as a chef, room attendant, shift leader in the laundry department, and now a near 20-year veteran laundry attendant who has decided to pace herself, and do her part in helping to groom the younger generation.

“After joining Beaches Turks & Caicos in 1995, I was soon promoted to a supervisory position, which allowed me to build a great relationship with my team. Due to family commitments however, and in consultation with my manager, I opted not to continue in that role. This was one of the hardest decisions that I had to make but it has served me well and I have no regrets,” Stubbs shared.

Olondieu Celeus (Laundry Attendant) & Oreta Stubbs

As Stubbs continued to reflect on her journey, she shared what she felt are the main characteristics needed to grow within the industry. Front of mind for her, is being able to adjust and prepare for whatever may come.

“My advice to those with aspirations to work in the industry is to always be cognizant of the fact that it takes hard work, commitment and respect for self and others to be successful. Placing priority on what is important and to create a plan from which to grow as a professional, are pillars on which to cultivate a successful way forward,” Stubbs added. In sharing his experience of this veteran, General Manager James McAnally added, “Oreta is a genuine hard worker who constantly brightens my day. Whether it’s a quick hello or sitting down for a conversation, she is always positive, humble and has an absolutely contagious attitude that I respect and appreciate. Even though she may not hold a supervisor title, she is well respected and is a natural leader.”

Seen as an on-resort inspiration to others, it was with pride that Richard Myers, laundry department manager shared his thoughts on his veteran staff. “Oreta is a very dependable and knowledgeable team leader who is always willing to help in the management of the department. With a number of younger workers at the resort, she is able to help in managing the standard of the department here at Beaches Turks and Caicos in provide the most memorable experience to our guests each day,” Myers noted.

Stubbs, who is also a mother of five adult children, went on to add that, “It gives me great joy to share the great work ethic, the values and skills that I have acquired during my professional years, with those new to the department as well as the members of my own family. I also love the fact that the Beaches Turks and Caicos is committed to allowing employees to grow and achieve their fullest potential.

The resort provides opportunities to not only grow within a department or cross-train in other areas, but also present opportunities at other sister-resorts throughout the Caribbean. My work family was understanding when I made the decision to stay close to home especially during my children’s formative years and this decision is one that I am satisfied with even to this day, as it has afforded me the ability to still learn on the job and take care for my family.”

Ryan Campbell, a laundry supervisor, was happy to share that the depth of his own knowledge within the area has been cemented by Stubbs. Said Campbell: “The guidance and directive that I have received from Oreta is without a doubt, nothing that I could have learned from any institution.

She is simply a reservoir of expert knowledge and she is always happy to share with the younger team. She is a stickler for punctuality and is someone who ensures that the quality and standards of the Beaches brand are always reflected in every task.”

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