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Police Kills Man In Dock Yard

The police, not long ago, shot and killed a man in the tough community of Dock Yard in Providenciales in an exchange of gunfire, while another has been taken into custody.

Speculations are that the dead man is the country’s most wanted criminal – Brandon Leonardo Rahming, who have been fingered in several of the country’s murders this year.

NewslineTCI cannot confirm whether the alleged criminal killed was Rahming.

Commission of Police, who broke the news on social media of the event, was tightlipped as to the identity of the dead man and the one that was taken in custody.

“We have an incident in here (Dock Yard) within the last hour, which resulted in what police believe to be a police-involved shooting. I can tell you now that one person – a member of the community – has been deceased and another is in police custody,” Commissioner Botting said.

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