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Racially-attacked Football Stars Rashford, Sancho Find Escape In Turks & Caicos

Updated: Jul 17, 2021

International Football superstars Marcus Rashford and Jadon Sancho are reportedly vacationing in the Turks and Caicos Islands, as the United Kingdom authorities crack down on white supremacists, who viciously attacked them after the two, along with another black player, Bukayo Saka, missed their penalty kicks in the UEFA EURO final against Italy.

Marcus Rashford and Jadon Sancho in a tense moment

Rashford and Sancho jetted into Providenciales, on Wednesday, in the company of a fair-sized social party, including a rapper named Chibiz Artist.

We learn that the party comprised all men. Their trip has been slashed across the major newspapers in the United Kingdom, including the Daily Mail.

The Turks and Caicos Islands has been placed on the United Kingdom’s so-called Green List, due to its excellent management of the COVID-19 virus. Being placed on the UK’s Green List means that the vacationer to the Turks and Caicos Islands does not require to be quarantined on his/her returns home.

Their vacation comes as chiefs at the UK Football Policing Unit, according to the Daily Mail, revealed 'dozens' of people are being investigated for racist tweets about the England football stars, with four people arrested so far.

Rashford has opened up about missing the penalty and the aftermath of the game, saying: 'I'm Marcus Rashford, 23-year-old black man from Withington and Wythenshawe, south Manchester. If I have nothing else I have that.'

According to the Mail, Twitter has said it had removed more than 1,000 posts in 24 hours, and suspended a number of accounts for violating its rules. Facebook said it too had quickly removed abusive comments on its platform and Instagram.

The Mail said one campaign group identified 42 Instagram comments likening players to monkeys, 17 posts using the 'N-word' and 15 telling players to 'return' to other countries, despite the fact that all three were born and raised in the UK.

Data from analytics company Crisp, which works with top-flight football clubs including in the Premier League, found England players faced 12,500 posts identified as hate messages on social media during Euro 2020.

The abuse from 10,000 accounts - equating to 3 per cent of all users posting to the players' accounts during the tournament - was aimed at them through Twitter and Instagram, and includes comments about race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, as well as 'extreme personal abuse' and threats of harm, including to family members.

After the demoralising game, a number of persons in the Turks and Caicos Islands were suggesting that the archipelago would be the ideal de-stressing spot for the abused players to vacation.

In addition to having the best beach in the world, Turks and Caicos is home to one of the world's largest barrier reefs. It is also a whale-watcher's paradise.

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