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Rebuttal: The Dilemma Our Water Sports Operators Face

Dear Editor,

Dwayne Taylor’s recent letter presents views that need clarification. Let’s set the record straight about Premier Charles Washington Misick’s administration. Far from neglecting the community, the Premier and his team are dedicated to the prosperity and well-being of all Turks and Caicos Islanders. Their focus? Sustainable development and progress for everyone.

On the Alleged Victimization of Beach Vendors and Water Sports Operators:

Taylor needs to understand the broader perspective. The government regulates water sports activities not to penalise anyone but to protect our natural resources. Their goal is to ensure growth that is both equitable and sustainable. These steps are taken with the future of TCI and its inhabitants at heart, contrary to the personal gain-oriented critique by Taylor, who overlooks the necessity of sustainable practices for long-term prosperity.

Regarding Fees and Restrictions:

The decision to implement fees for using dock spaces and to regulate certain areas for water sports is part of a broader strategy to manage resources responsibly and ensure safety. It's misleading to suggest that these measures are solely burdensome; they are investments in maintaining the quality and safety of our tourist attractions, which benefits local operators by enhancing the appeal of their services. The government is in continuous dialogue with stakeholders to ensure that fees are fair and regulations serve the collective good.

The Accusation of Government Apathy:

It's disheartening to see Taylor accusing the government of apathy. Premier Misick’s administration has shown an unwavering dedication to the TCI, demonstrated through initiatives to improve education and economic opportunities. The claim that the government does not care contradicts the evidence of these comprehensive efforts to elevate the standard of living and empower the local community.

The Claim of Personal Gain:

Taylor’s assertion that his advocacy is purely unselfish differs from his actions. By focusing on divisive and sensational issues, Taylor prioritises personal visibility over constructive dialogue. The real work of governance requires collaboration, understanding, and sometimes difficult decisions that may not be immediately popular but are in the best interest of TCI's future.

Looking Forward:

The Misick administration is committed to fostering an environment where all entrepreneurs, including water sports operators, can thrive. Taylor should stop wasting time on weakly rants (pun intended). Instead, Taylor should explore strategies to reduce operational costs and enhance marketing opportunities. Additionally, he should seek ways to improve access to capital. After all, if Taylor truly cares about vendors and operators, let this be his focus. Meanwhile, the government envisions a TCI that embodies prosperity, safety, and a high quality of life for every citizen. This vision will be realised through responsible stewardship and the adoption of inclusive economic policies.

In conclusion, Premier Misick and his government are not the adversaries of the local business community, as portrayed by Taylor. Instead, they stand as allies, committed to forging a balanced and prosperous future for TCI. The time has come to leave behind divisive talks. Let's embrace constructive, unified efforts for the well-being of our beloved country.


Audley Astwood

A Concerned Citizen Advocating for Unity and Sustainable Progress


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