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'Saddened' Rachel Taylor Calls On Those With Information On Five Cays Murders To Tell Police

Member of Parliament Hon. Rachel Taylor

Member of Parliament for Five Cays Hon. Rachel Taylor is calling on those with information relating to the back-to-back double murder on Saturday and Sunday in the community of Five Cays in Providenciales to come forward and tell the police what they know.

The minister, who issued a statement on the spike in violent crime in her constituency also calls for calm as the police seeks to restore order and bring to justice those culprits.

The following is the statement form the Minister:

I am saddened by the recent surge in gun violence and deaths within our country, and in particular, within the constituency for which I am the elected member of Parliament. The situation is under review at the highest level in that strategy and resources are being deployed. There will be a press briefing within the next 24 hours to inform the public of the immediate actions that will be taken.

To the parents, families and friends of those lives lost, I send my love and I share in your grief. Words do not and cannot adequately express the heartbreak and pain caused by these senseless tragedies that have damaging impact not just on our today and tomorrow, but on generations to come.

In circumstances such as these, it is easy and yet reasonable to expect members of our community to not only express their fear but also their outrage. It is reasonable to demand justice and accountability from community leaders.

I understand that the officers of the Royal Turks and Caicos Islands Police Force are working hard to keep our communities safe and to solve the mysteries behind the recent spree of murders so that justice can be served.

I encourage members of the community to assist our officers in every way possible. The increase in police presence alone will not suffice. Effective policing requires community support and assistance.

The challenges our communities face today is not the responsibility of a single agency. An effective resolution requires collective responsibility and collective action.

The challenges we face reveal communities needing more than just effective policing, but a return to shared responsibility in cultivating and returning to communities where the ‘good neighbor’ principle is not confined to a few acts to be observed, but is embedded in our way of life.

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