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Sandra Garland Pens "Get Vaccinated" Masterpiece

Prominent Turks and Caicos Islands personality and writer Sandra Garland has penned an impassioned, yet captivating piece of poetry, geared at inspiring the Turks and Caicos Islands populace to get vaccinated. She released the masterpiece at the launch of the TCI Writers Society on Monday. The following is the magnum-opus:

Sandra Garland

Let's get this vaccine in your arm,

This medication is the balm

To stop the virus in its track,

We need good health and freedom back.

You, hesitants and nonbelievers,

You devious theorists and deceivers,

The message to you now is clear:

Desist instilling lies and fear.

We need this herd immunity,

Get ready for some scrutiny.

The hearsay and misinformation

Is not good for our little nation.

Our nation's wealth is on the line

Our nation's health is in decline

This virus in its various forms

Is now establishing new norms.

The delta variant is now surging,

We can't afford to be out splurging.

Please get the truth about these labs

And then decide to get your jabs.

Covid 19 is no joke

Your lungs clog up; you cough and choke,

Your loved ones have to stay away,

And you're all alone from day to day.

So hard heads please get vaccinated,

Please go and get inoculated

We must avoid the harsh shutdowns

If we want to party in the towns.

Meanwhile, adhere to protocol

Those at work and those in school

Keep your distance wash your hands,

Wear a mask, protect your friends.

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