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Sheldon Wilson, From Economist to Executive Assistant Manager at BTC

Sheldon Wilson

With a degree in Business Administration, and experience in Economics, this service-oriented leader thought it prudent to walk away from a government job to explore the tourism industry.

Sheldon Wilson’s new thrust took him from Grand Turk to Providenciales and into the role of a night auditor with Beaches Turks & Caicos (BTC) in March 2013.

Having experienced the tourism industry, Wilson used his first three years in the industry to position himself for astronomical growth at the resort where he advanced to evening duty manager, then village manager and now executive assistant manager.

In his latest role, Wilson is primarily tasked with aiding and overseeing the day-to-day running of the Key West Village while ensuring that guests and his colleagues are comfortable.

“Being a member of the BTC team is an absolute pleasure as we all have an equal opportunity to grow and flourish within this organisation,” Wilson shared.

Throughout the day, Wilson can be seen doing his rounds while checking in with guests and staff alike; a task that he shares is never seen as work, but for him, just an opportunity to connect with his stakeholders, be cordial and selfless in addressing any issues and providing support, which suits his personality.

Wilson added, “Working within the tourism industry, and especially with Beaches Turks and Caicos, the opportunity to grow and learn new skills are inseparable. With the myriad of courses that are offered through the Sandals Corporate University (SCU), team members are able to grow professionally while expanding their academic pursuits. For me, I’m constantly learning, and this organisation is arguably the only resort that gives you the tools to grow at any level within the company.”

While showcasing the opportunities for professional growth within the organisation, the mentorship programme where leaders are assigned more seasoned representatives, was high on the list for Sheldon.

“As a leader, the chance to grow is something that the resort is very proactive in highlighting. Each leader at the resort has the chance to be mentored and then, in turn, mentor another person. This is tiered leadership, which allows each person the opportunity to learn from more seasoned hospitality individuals and advance their own development.

The team here at Beaches is focused on implementing succession planning to provide for professional growth, hence the emphasis on structured mentorship,” Wilson added.

The father of two shared that outside of work, spending time with his family is something that he treasures and remains committed to doing, especially with his children. “Time spent with my children is undoubtedly most rewarding. They get a chance to be open and honest with me and I have ensured that I make this time consistently.

BTC is not only an all-inclusive family resort, but one that is built on family, by families. We treat each other like family and it allows us to make time for our families. This kind of working environment has allowed us to grow, personally, professionally, individually and, collectively,” Wilson said.

In his professional development, Wilson credits his growth to the management style that is constant at the resort. He labelled current general manager, James McAnally as one who has shown confidence in his abilities; as well as former executive manager Michael Thompson for engineering his growth and leadership style.

In commending Wilson’s overall leadership of the Kew West Village team but also highlighting the team’s efforts during the recently held BTC Sports Day, McAnally shared, “Sheldon is a motivator and a champion.

He is capable of encouraging those he is tasked to lead, whether on the field or executing resort duties. He remains that point person who is always willing to share an idea or suggest a different perspective. He is truly a great leader amongst our team here at Beaches Turks and Caicos.”

Concierge agent for three years, Judith Noel, in sharing her experience with Wilson’s leadership style added, “Sheldon is that leader who operates with an open door policy where every line staff feels comfortable speaking with him. He is a motivator and a leader who is always willing to share tips on how to do something better. He makes the working environment most comforting for all his team.”

In his downtime, Wilson enjoys sports, with his all-time favourite being golf and shares that he feels participating in sports also helps him to physically prepare for any tasks that come his way.

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