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Superintendent Dean Holden Sworn In

Superintendent Dean Holden (left) being congratulated by Commissioner of Police, Trevor Botting, shortly after being sworn in.

The Royal Turks and Caicos Islands Police Force welcomes highly decorated officer Superintendent Dean Holden.

Supt. Holden’s takes up duty officially February 1. He will lead the Crime, Safeguarding and Public Protection Unit.

Holden, is a former Detective Chief Superintendent who joined the Lancashire Constabulary in 1994 and became a Detective in 1999. During his Detective career, he worked within the Counter Terrorism Branch, Intelligence and undertaken an external secondment to the National Crime Squad.

As a senior Detective, Holden has worked within a Basic Command Unit and also specialised within Force Major Incident Team, Public Protection Unit and the North West Regional Organised Crime unit (ROCU).

Holden has led numerous major investigations, including high profile cases such as; the Sophie Lancaster ‘Goth’ Murder in Bacup in 2007, the domestic murder of a local Chorley solicitor David Edwards in 2015 and the murder of toddler Daisy Mae Burrill in Fleetwood 2016.

Holden transferred to Cumbria Constabulary in June 2017, as the Director of Intelligence (Superintendent) and took up the role of Detective Chief Superintendent and Head of Crime in March 2018.

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