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Suspect, Police Injured; Illegal Gun Recovered

The Royal Turks and Caicos Islands Police Force (RTCIPF) is reporting that a man was shot, and an illegal gun recovered during a predawn operation in the Venetian Road area of Providenciales, on Monday.

The police have not revealed much on the man, only to say that he was injured and was taken to hospital in serious condition.

According to reports, at about 4:30a.m. the police carried out an operation at a location along Venetian Road, when they confronted a man, who sources say was wanted for serious crimes. During the confrontation, the man was hit by a single bullet discharged by one of the officers.

The police said the man was seriously injured and taken to hospital, where he is placed under police guard.

“The suspect is in hospital being treated and is under Police Guard,” a RTCIPF news release stated, adding that a police officer was also injured and was receiving treatment at hospital.

“A non-police issued firearm was recovered from the scene,” the report further stated.

Commissioner of Police, Trevor Botting, commenting on the incident, stated that the injuring of the officer, coupled with the seizure of the firearm, speaks to ever present danger that his men face, to keep the community safe.

“This incident highlights again the dangerous and challenging role that members of the RTCIPF undertake every day in protection of the communities of the Turks and Caicos Islands,” he asserted. “Fortunately, our police officer received relatively minor injuries and we wish him a speedy recovery.”

He reminded that it is standard operating procedure for a probe to take place whenever a firearm is discharged, and to this end, a review process has begun to determine the circumstance under which the weapon was discharged.

“As is normal when a firearm is discharged by police, the circumstances of the operation and the discharged will be reviewed and whilst this process has already started, I will be seeking independent support and oversight for the review and I will update further when this is confirmed,” Botting said.

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