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T’ann Malcolm: An Example In Entrepreneurship for Gen Z

At the tender age of 20, local jewellery entrepreneur, T’ann Malcolm is making waves in the jewellery-making industry with By Leonie and Co., a manufacturing business specialising in jewellery and homeware inspired by Turks and Caicos.

T’ann Malcom with some of her merchandise

Malcolm expressed that from a young age she knew she wanted to become a self-made entrepreneur, so she could realize her dreams of creating generational wealth and to fund an early retirement.

T’ann recalls that at 15, the burning desire of wanting to own her own company propelled her to becoming a candy saleswoman, peddling her wares at different events albeit short-lived because of her commitment to her studies.

“I remember the first event I did. I bought $200 worth of products that day and by night fall I had earned $600. From there on I fell in love with the art of making money,” she expressed.

She said Leonie and Co. started out as a hobby but as she worked her creations out in public, she received positive feedback and was told to turn it into a business, so she did just that.

Her products are designed for both locals and tourists, and so far, she has received rave reviews from her many clients.

T’ann says she sees herself expanding into different stores, owning her own brick and mortar store and travelling to trade shows in the near future.

Anyone interested in purchasing her product can contact her at (649) 341-3057.



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