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TCI Government Commits to Sports Development in Throne Speech

Hon. Rachel Taylor, Minister of Sports

In the Throne Speech delivered by Governor Her Excellency Dileeni Daniel-Selvaratnam on Thursday, the Washington Misick Administration reaffirmed its dedication to the development of sports within the country.

Highlighting the positive impact sports can have on communities, society, youth well-being, and the local economy, the government unveiled a comprehensive plan to enhance sports in the Turks and Caicos Islands.

The administration's sports development agenda includes the following key initiatives:

Investment in Youth Leagues: The government is committed to investing in sports development programs and youth leagues, such as the Police Action League. These initiatives are essential for nurturing young talent and promoting healthy competition.

Inter School Sports Seasons: The upcoming Inter School sports seasons, set to commence at the end of the month, will provide students with opportunities to showcase their athletic prowess and foster a sense of teamwork.

Community Park Refurbishment: The administration aims to revitalize and improve community parks across the TCI. Well-maintained parks serve as accessible spaces for recreational activities and community gatherings.

Enhanced Sports Facilities: Efforts are underway to expand community access to modern sports facilities. Repair works at the South Caicos Parade Grounds and the completion of the Grand Turk Sports Complex and Shelter will create state-of-the-art venues for sporting events.

Felix Morley Community Centre: The government plans to open the Felix Morley Community Centre, offering a wide range of activities such as boxing, dance, martial arts, basketball, football, rugby, computer classes, and more. This center will become a hub for cultural and athletic enrichment.

Coaching and Training: To ensure the development of sports at all levels, the government will provide comprehensive training for coaches, physical education teachers, and personnel associated with National Federations. This investment in education and skill-building will help raise the standard of sports in the TCI.

Health and Wellness Campaign: Promoting the health and well-being of the nation is a priority. The government will launch the "Let's Move TCI Campaign" to encourage physical activity and healthy lifestyles among residents.

These initiatives, according to the speech, demonstrate the Washington Misick Administration's recognition of the multifaceted benefits of sports in society. By investing in sports development, the TCIG said it aims to empower its youth, foster community cohesion, and create opportunities for economic growth. As these plans are set into motion, the government said the future of sports in the Turks and Caicos Islands looks promising, promising a brighter and healthier future for all residents.



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