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Turbulence at Providenciales International Airport as Air Traffic Controllers Stage Sickout

Flights at the Howard Hamilton International Airport, formerly the Providenciales Airport has been disrupted as air traffic controllers stage a sickout.


According to an airport source, the staged sickout is because of the air traffic controllers demanding better monetary compensation and working condition.


In a new release today, the Turks and Caicos Islands Airports Authority (TCIAA) has announced comprehensive measures to address the sickout.

It is said that the situation is currently being managed collaboratively by various agencies, including the Office of the Governor, the Office of the Premier, TCIAA, Royal Police Force, and Experience Turks and Caicos.

Nikeva Ariza, spokesperson for TCIAA, emphasized the collective efforts to minimize disruptions for travelers. Acting Governor Anya Williams and Premier Washington Misick are actively involved in coordination, assuring the public that steps are being taken to safeguard the well-being of passengers and maintain the smooth operation of the airport.

Ariza stated, "Our law enforcement partners, the Royal Turks and Caicos Police Force, have affirmed their commitment to ensure the safety and security of travelers, airport personnel, and the TCI community amidst the challenges posed by the action of the Air Traffic Controllers. They are working closely with all stakeholders to uphold safety standards."

As a precautionary measure, travelers are advised to stay informed about potential delays by checking with their respective airlines. The sickout action, if prolonged, could impact flight operations starting from later today, Friday, March 1st, 2024, and may extend into the busy travel weekend.

The TCIAA assures the public that every effort is being made to resolve the situation promptly and minimize any inconvenience caused to passengers. Further updates will be provided as the situation unfolds.


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