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Two-Day Concacaf Executive Mentorship Program Starts Today

The Turks and Caicos Islands Football Association will be hosting a Concacaf Executive Mentorship Program (EMP) Workshop at the TCIFA National Academy on September 17th-18th, 2022.

The EMP stands on a plank of the confederation’s brand-based “ONE Concacaf” platform and forms part of the governance evolution efforts of the confederation, sharing best practices targeted at Executive Committees of all 41-member associations.

The workshop will be led by highly qualified instructors from within the region- Horace Reid, Director of Caribbean Member Association Affairs, Howard McIntosh, Head of One Concacaf and Caribbean Projects and the President of the Bahamas FA, Anton Sealy.

“The Executive Mentorship Program will provide the Executive Committees of our 41 Concacaf Member Associations with the necessary framework to improve the administration of the game at all levels. Effective leadership and good governance must be our daily priority, as we make the right long-term decisions to grow football across our region,” said Concacaf President Victor Montagliani.

“For decades, both at the level of FIFA and the confederations, the sharing of best practices has been primarily targeted at Presidents and General Secretaries,” said Horace Reid. “Admittedly, these two offices are critical to the effective functionality of the Member Associations. However, there is now a need to drill deeper and provide a broader base of administrators with important tools to be effective at their primary function.”

The EMP focuses on creating leaders equipped to thrive within the complexities of football administration today, educating on current and best practices, clarifying and sharpening goals and course of direction, and providing tailored guidance and feedback that allows the association to self-reflect.

The interactive workshop will cover topics such as leadership and governance, roles and responsibilities of the executive committee, administration and operations, strategic planning and crisis management.


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