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Wheeland Landfill Fire Irks citizens, MP.

Member of Parliament Hon. Kyle Knowles has issued a statement on the raging fire at the Wheeland Landfill in Providenciales.

Thick black smoke, up until late Monday could be seen emanating from the landfill, triggering fears among residents in the area that the smoke could cause breathing problems.

MP Knowles, who was quick on the scene, stated: “As many of you may be aware that the landfill in Wheeland is currently on fire. I have contacted the relevant authorities and the fire truck is currently on site to extinguish the flames. I am also in discussions with them to ascertain the cause of the fire.

“We kindly ask that the public stay away from the landfill for your safety and so that the firefighters work diligently to extinguish the fire. I will keep you all updated as I receive updates and relevant information."

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