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A Royal Reception For Ryesha Higgs

Turks and Caicos Islands’ International performer Ryesha Higgs received a royal celebration on Tuesday evening when friends and well-wishers hosted a reception in her honour at the Palms Resort in Providenciales.

Ryesha Higgs

Higgs, who has attained a master’s degree in science, was cast in the Lion King in the West End London, and by all accounts, put in a stellar performance.

Tuesday night’s reception in her honour culminated a series of events to recognize her prowess in the arena of performing arts. A few days earlier, she was given a welcome fit for a queen, after disembarking her inbound flight at the Providenciales International Airport, where she was not only presented with memorabilia of the Turks and Caicos Islands but was also entertained by students with performances.

The Palms reception drew a host of government officials, including Governor His Excellency Nigel Dakin and Amanda Dakin, Deputy Premier and Minister of Finance Hon. E. Jay Saunders, Education Minister Hon. Rachel Taylor, Minister responsible for Gender Affairs Hon. Otis Morris, Health Minister Hon. Jamell Robinson, Government Members of Parliament Hon. Shaun Malcolm, Hon. Matthew Stubbs, Hon. Kyle Knowles, and Hon. Jameka Williams, Governor’s Appointed Members Hon. Harold Charles and Hon. Willin Belliard.

Also in attendance were movers and shakers from the business community.

The performances on the night, included a Lion King-themed dance performed by dancers from Beaches Resort.

Hon. Jameka Williams, who was one of the chief organisers of the event, pledged that her government would do everything in its power to ensure that Higgs’ aspirations are realized, a sentiment echoed by Hon. Saunders and Hon. Taylor.

Saunders described Higgs as someone, who can achieve no matter what the obstacles. Hon. Taylor told her that she has been an inspiration not only to young girls, but young people in general.

Several presentations were made to her, including from Light and Power company FortisTCI and North Caicos district Commissioner, Cynclair Musgrove.

Higgs thanked those who supported her, saying she was eternally grateful. The starlet also told the gathering that she would continue to proudly fly the Turks and Caicos flag whenever on the world stage.

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