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Beaches Turks and Caicos receives CARPHA Certification

Beaches Turks and Caicos General Manager James McAnally (right) accepts the certificate from Dr Lisa Indar, Director-Surveillance, Disease Prevention & Control Division with the Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA)

The Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA) recently certified the Beaches Turks and Caicos resort as an internationally recognized, healthier, safer tourism destination.

With the agency’s main areas of focus being disease prevention, health promotion and health system strengthening in the Caribbean region, Beaches has been awarded for full compliance with these requirements.

The CARPHA’s Healthier Safer Tourism (HST) stamp is a measurable and verifiable traveler’s health assurance and recognition award for tourism entities and destinations that implement proactive health measures for tourism. Travelers now have the added assurance and confidence in choosing the resort as a safe place to vacation.

CARPHA’s Director of Surveillance, Disease Prevention and Control, Dr Lisa Indar shared, “congratulations to Beaches Turks and Caicos for the commitment and dedication to ensuring that guests and team members have a healthy and safe environment.”

Beaches Turks and Caicos General Manager James McAnally (third right) receives the compliance certificate from Dr Lisa Indar, Director-Surveillance, Disease Prevention & Control Division with the Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA) along with members from the resort and the health agency teams

Dr. Indar continued, “this training and certification for the prevention and control of infectious diseases allows this resort and the ministries of health and tourism to market a safer region for tourists. Credit must be given to the work that Hon. Josephine Connolly, Minister of Tourism, Environment, Heritage, Maritime, Gaming and Disaster Management and the Minister of Health and Human Services, Hon. Shaun Malcolm have done.

General Manager James McAnally noted, “Beaches Turks and Caicos always works with the Ministry of Health and we have built that great relationship with CARPHA. As a team, we understand the main goal of this organisation which is to improve the health and well-being of the people in the Caribbean by providing strategic direction and support in response to public health challenges and achieving public health goals.”

While sharing the satisfaction with the certification, Shuntal Gibson, environmental, health and safety manager at BTC said, “as a resort, we continue to partner with CARPHA and other international organisations to ensure that our resort provides added confidence and assurance for tourists. The team here at Beaches Turks and Caicos takes the necessary steps to ensure the safety of all our guests and team members. We are proud to have received this stamp of approval.”

Both teams from Beaches Turks and Caicos and the Caribbean Public Health Agency share a moment with the compliance certificate

While recognising the work being done by Beaches Turks and Caicos, Gibson was satisfied with the joint effort from the ministers of health and tourism. Both ministers were equally satisfied with the international recognition which will make the Turks and Caicos Islands more competitive within the hospitality sector.


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