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C&W Charitable Foundation Release Annual Report highlighting community impact

C&W Communications, the operators of Flow, Flow Business, C&W Business and BTC, is proud to announce the release of the 2023 annual report of the Cable &Wireless Charitable Foundation (CWCF), showcasing a year filled with impactful initiatives and remarkable community support.

The report highlights the Foundation's commitment to its responsibility framework focused on Learning, the Environment, Digital Access, and Disaster Relief.

“This past year has been transformative for the CWCF and the communities we serve,” said Rosario Veras, Executive Director, CWCF.

“We are immensely proud of the positive impact our initiatives have had, from connecting households to providing essential training and resources. These achievements are a testament to the dedication of our volunteers, the generosity of our donors, and the resilience of the communities we support."

A key achievement was the successful launch of JUMP– a private-public partnership between C&W Communications and some Caribbean countries that aims to help bridge the digital divide and foster greater digital inclusion in a region that today still has less than 65% broadband penetration with 27 million users from a total combined population of 44 million.

Through the CWCF, the company is providing qualifying households with a subsidised high-speed internet connection, a free laptop computer and relevant training for individuals and families. To date, over four thousand households in Barbados, Grenada, Jamaica and St Lucia have been connected, ensuring more families have access to essential digital resources.

“We are especially grateful for the progress we have made this year to improve connectivity for those most in need, and for the profound difference it is making in their lives. We have plans to expand JUMP to new markets, empower even more communities, and build a brighter, more connected future for the Caribbean,” added Veras.

Other highlights include:

 Community Support - contributions from over seventy unique donors, demonstrating widespread support for the mission of the CWCF.

 Volunteer Engagement - employee-volunteers logged more than ten thousand hours in 2023, displaying commitment to community service.

Educational Advancement -employee-volunteers conducted over 1,250 training sessions,

empowering individuals with the skills needed for the digital age.

Device Distribution - more than 1,300 devices were distributed to those in need, helping to

bridge the digital divide and enhance learning opportunities.

 Fundraising - over US$400,000, raised enabling vital work and support for Caribbean


“Looking ahead, the Cable & Wireless Charitable Foundation remains committed to our core areas of focus. We will continue to leverage our expertise and resources to foster learning and expand digital access. Our goal is to create lasting, positive change and ensure that everyone in our communities can thrive,” said Veras.



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