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Minister of Finance Hon. E. Jay Saunders.

The Turks and Caicos Islands Government wishes to announce that the second batch of payments for Tranche No. 2 of the Citizens Inflation Adjustment Stimulus, is available for collection at the Treasury on Grand Turk and Sub-Treasuries in the other islands commencing, from Wednesday, 21st December.

Applicants should appear at the treasury/sub-treasury on the island associated with their permanent address to collect the cheque.

Approved Turks & Caicos Islander Status Card Holders and British Overseas Territory Citizens (BOTCs) will be required to provide the following when collecting a cheque:

1. A valid Turks & Caicos Islands Government issued photo identification (e.g., Driver’s

Licence, NIB Card, NHIP card, BOTC passport or a TCI Status Card);

2. A copy of their stimulus application number (a list of approved applications can be

obtained from; and

3. A ticketed travel itinerary; for those traveling abroad within two (2) days of the date of


If the beneficiary is disabled or otherwise confined to his/her home (in Turks & Caicos Islands), the Treasury will be providing a cheque delivery service to the applicant’s home. However, rendering of the service may be delayed due to resource constraints during this time of the year.

To receive this service, approved applicants are asked to make a written request, for the delivery of the cheque to Please supply the applicant’s stimulus application number, telephone contact and home address.

Approved applicants are reminded that cheques will not be assigned to banks or released to anyone other than the approved applicant. For those whose names do not appear on the lists for Batches 1 & 2, applications continue to be vetted for approval and an announcement will be made as each batch is ready for collection.

For those whose applications that remain outstanding, please note that in supplying the required information:

1. utility bills are to be certified by a Justice of the Peace.

2. when supplying an affidavit to confirm living status in the TCI, the Justice of the Peace

must explicitly confirm that he/she knows the applicant, that applicant has appeared before him/her and that applicant is living in the TCI.

3. passports that have expired dates earlier than 31st March, 2020 will not be accepted as a

valid identification for the purpose of processing this benefit.

4. students attending colleges within the TCI may request a letter from the institution to

confirm that they are living in the TCI.

Cheques will be available for collection for six (6) months from the date of printing; after which all cheques will be cancelled.

The list of approved applicants can be obtained from Cheques are available to only those persons appearing on the lists.

The public is reminded that the Tranche No. 2 only covers eligible persons, who did not receive a benefit in the preapproved distribution in August 2022.

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