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Excited Governor, Ministers Get Booster Shot

An excited Governor His Excellency Nigel Dakin received his COVID-19 Booster Shot on Monday, and could not wait to post his excitement on his favourite social media outlet Instagram.

The governor posted also that Premier Hon. Washinton Misick got his shot also. Attorney General Hon. Rhondalee Brathwaite Knowles, Minister for Immigration Hon. Arlington Musgrove and Minister for Tourism Hon. Josephine Connolly also got their jab.

According to the Governor, the government has set up camp on South Caicos from Monday until Wednesday, where the Cabinet is meeting to hammer out especially the big-ticket agenda undertakings and how to deliver them.

“But the first thing was for members of Cabinet who were over the age of 50 (and to my surprise seems to include me) to get their booster shots administered by our fantastic public health team, under our wonderful Alrisa Gardiner (who I can attest delivers pain-free injections), “the governor quipped.

The premier who spoke at the event revealed that prior to being vaccinated, he fell victim to COVID, and would not wish the suffering associated with the disease on his worst enemy.

The eligible individuals for the booster shot are those over 50 years that were vaccinated at least six months ago and/or with underlying health conditions that make them vulnerable to COVID-19.

This group, according to the Ministry of Health, needs no appointment, but to just show up to any of the health facilities provided.

“Once we have tackled this priority group we will quickly extend to others and we are requesting more vaccine from the UK to make this available to all who want it,” the Governor posted.

In the meantime, Governor Dakin is pointing those in the community that remain hesitant, to “More and more facts available to you from the real world experience of over six billion shots of COVID Vaccine being delivered.”

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