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Expect Bloated Fuel Bills This Summer

FORTIS TCI is alerting the public that due to a global rise in fuel prices, local consumers should expect a rise in their electricity bills for the foreseeable future.


“Global fuel prices are rising, which means that you will see an increase in the Fuel Factor, or Power Cost adjustment, on your electricity bill,” FORTIS stated in a media advisory.

FORTIS stated that the fuel factor is determined by world fuel market prices, which it says is beyond its control. As such, the energy-producing company says it has no choice but to pass on the cost to its customers.

“The Fuel Factor recovers the cost of fuel used to produce electricity. It is based on the price of fuel at the time it is purchased from our supplier, Sun Oil Ltd. The fuel factor is subject to world fuel market prices and is beyond the control of FortisTCI,” the light and power company further stated.

Against that backdrop, FORTIS is advising the public to ensure that they exercise strict conservation, especially during the summer months when air-conditioning units are mostly used. The company pointed out during this period that the use of air-conditioning units is the main driver of electricity costs.

“We encourage you to conserve energy. By carefully managing how you use energy at your home, you can reduce your electricity bill. During the warm summer months, use of air-conditioners (A/C) is one of the main drivers of increased energy consumption.

“If you are using A/C, set your thermostat to 78 degrees, or as high as comfort permits,” the statement further said.

As a solution, Fortis recommends using an energy-efficient air-conditioning unit or apply the use of home ventilation.

“Consider using an energy-efficient split A/C unit to cool specific areas, rather than the entire house. Or turn off the A/C and open the windows or use a ceiling fan to increase comfort on mild days,” FORTIS advised.



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