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Fedeline Julien, Beaches TCI Children’s Activities Manager -A Dynamic Builder

Fedeline Julien:

Providing the perfect holiday experience for families and especially children, is one of the hallmarks of the Beaches Turks and Caicos (BTC) resort.

The ability to create fun activities that allow the children to create memorable experiences also allow parents to be comfortable with their choice of resorts. BTC has and continues to provide guests with memories of a lifetime.

As a family resort, the leader of the activities for the resort’s littlest guests, Fedeline Julien has almost 24-years of experience in curating events that will create long lasting memories.

Having started her career with Beaches in 1999 as a babysitter, Julien’s growth within the Kids Camp department started cultivating roots which saw her becoming a counselor, then supervisor.

While ensuring her professional growth, this sports fanatic and athlete, with the help of the Learning and Development department, never missed an opportunity to enroll in various courses offered by the resort.

Fedeline Julien, Children’s Activity Manager at Beaches Turks and Caicos joins the fun at the XBOX Lounge with Tomiko Harvey, Senior Gamesroom and XBOX Attendant who have provided more than 20-years of service to the company.

“I believe in the mentorship programme that this company has, as it was through this medium that my assigned mentor, Adrian Whitehead, former general manager here at the resort saw in me the ability for leadership.

I was offered a full scholarship by the company to Hocking Technical College in Ohio to pursue my degree in Hospitality Management and Business Administration. On my return, I was offered a position in the company’s illustrious Management Trainee Programme (MTP) where I was trained as a Rooms Division Manager,” Julien shared.

While highlighting her passion for the guidance and leadership within the company Julien’s recollection of a few of the leaders who have had an impact on her growth, namely; Jeremy Jones, Corporate Operations Director for Jamaica, David Ellis, Entertainment Manager at BTC, former training manager Shelly-Ann Whitely, and her main motivator Director of Sales and Conventions at BTC Tanya Swann.

Having had her secondary schooling in North Caicos, Julien’s work experience started as a Collections Officer which lasted less than a year before she found her niche in the hospitality industry. “As a leader here at Beaches, we live by the purpose that we lead people while managing the operations of this great company.

Getting a chance to know the team you have will be the first step in creating a positive impact. Never be afraid to seek help and ensure that you remain loyal to the growth and development of the foundation that you are building,” noted Julien.

In sharing the required need to grow within the company, Julien was quick to point out that the tools needed to empower employees’ growth lie inside the department of Learning and Development.

Currently, she is reading for another degree in Hospitality Tourism Management at Florida International University while being sponsored by the company.

Julien has also completed courses in Time Management, Leadership and Influence, Conflict Resolution, Budgeting and Managing Managers within the Sandals Corporate University.

James McAnally, General Manager when asked about Fedeline’s impact with the resort shared, “As the Children’s Activity Manager overseeing the resort including Camp Sesame, Pirates Island, all children’s programme and activities including the autism programme, Fedeline has led by empowering her team members.

She has been leading by example and is a person who believes in mentoring younger leaders and other team members. Her experience with children makes her the best fit as she generally shows her creativity in the many activities while being supported by her team.”

Added Julien: “My life at Beaches has been like a classroom experience, where I’m being built each day with a new learning opportunity. This company has provided for me the chance to grow in all areas of my life, locally, regionally and internationally. I’m forever Beaches: yesterday, today and forever.”

Fedeline, while managing her role, still finds time to participate in sporting activities, especially track and field. “Being involved in the mental and physical activities enables me to be prepared to lead the team. As I continue to grow within the company, my fun activities usually surround Christmas season and sporting activities.

Our most recent sports day with the BTC team was one that I totally enjoyed, not only for myself but to be able to see the team members enjoying themselves while creating memories that will positively impact their lives,” Julien noted.

Alpheaus Pinder, village manager at the resort shared, “Fedeline is one of those leaders who can be asked to be involved in any area of a social activity and she will be ready. She was one of the main leaders who helped in inspiring the village team to be the champions at our last sports day.

“She has a wining personality and this is seen with her interactions with guests and team members each day. She believes in mentorship and this is evidenced in wither ability to keep her team motivated to grow professionally within the company.”



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