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Government Opens Various Sub-Departments on Family Islands

The government has opened a number of departments on the family islands following several training initiatives with the Immigration Departments, Ministry of Immigration & Border Services, the Customer Service Department, Ministry of Education, Labour, Employment & Customer Services.

On October 14th 2021, in collaboration with the established Immigration Department Offices on South, North & Middle Caicos, the Customer Service Department commenced extending services to individuals who wish to make applications to the following departments: Labour & Employment Services Department, Registration & Citizenship Department, as well as the Immigration Department.

This initiative aims to provide an ease of doing business, as it eliminates the need for applicants to travel outside their resident Islands to submit and acquire basic applications and documents for the above-mentioned departments.

In commenting on the initiative, Mr Emilio Seymour, Manager of the Customer Service Department stated, “It is indeed a valuable initiative that brings a much needed service to the Family Islands. In our pursuit of a holistic approach to Customer Service within the Public Service, it is important that we continue to foster inclusion in the interest of residents and visitors alike.”

Mr Jackeem Cole, Customer Service Supervisor and a key proponent of this initiative commented, “I take great pleasure in seeing this initiative materialize. Members of the communities of South, North and Middle Caicos now have an avenue to obtain vital documents without having to travel all the way to Providenciales and Grand Turk at their own expense.”

The Minister with responsibilities for Customer Services, Hon. Rachel Taylor commented, “My team is proactive and seeks to deliver on their objectives set forth. The concern has always been to ensure that our people in the family Islands are given priority as it relates to the submission of their documents through Customer Services. I applaud Mr. Emilio and Mr. Jackeem who, with the team, sort the need to partner with the Immigration Department for the utilization of their offices and Human Resources in an effort to aid in delivering for the people. The synergy that exists between the two Ministries will continue to yield partnership initiatives.”

Residents and visitors of these Islands are being encouraged to visit their respective Immigration Departments for further information and assistance.

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