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Housing Committee Approves First Batch Of Home Improvement Application Under Pogramme 2

Hon. Jamell Robinson, Minister of Physical Planning and Infrastructure Development

 The Housing Committee is pleased to announce that on 7 December 2023, it has concluded its deliberations on the first batch of applicants who submitted for home improvement under Programme Two.

Out of the twelve batches of applicants, the initial group has been approved for home improvement works, marking a significant step in enhancing living conditions within our community.

 These essential home improvement works, valued at a total of US$50,000.00 per applicant, are set to commence in the upcoming new year. This significant investment is not only a boon for the selected applicants but also marks a positive development for the entire community.

 The Housing Committee recognises the importance of this initiative, not only for the homeowners but also for local contractors who will benefit through the Framework Agreement for Programme Two. The approved works are expected to generate numerous job opportunities throughout the islands, contributing to the economic growth of our community.

 Results Summary:

The following list of applicants was approved by the Housing Committee under batch one for each island.

Refusals: Unfortunately, seven applicants did not pass the home inspection, and as a result, their applications for home improvement have been refused.

Deferrals: In addition, three applicants were deferred due to the condition of their homes. Repairs alone may be insufficient, and further evaluation is needed to determine the appropriate course of action.

 Key Points:

Approved Works: The first batch of home improvement works, totaling US$1,950,000.00, has been approved by the Housing Committee.

Commencement Date: The approved works are scheduled to commence in the new year, bringing tangible improvements to the selected homes.

Community Impact: This investment not only enhances the quality of living for the selected homeowners but also positively impacts the local community through job creation.


Next Steps:

As we celebrate the commencement of works for the first batch of Programme Two, we are gearing up for the next phase. Home inspections for batch two are scheduled to begin early in the new year. Individuals selected under batch two will be contacted by the Housing and Community Renewal Department to schedule a convenient date and time for their homes to be inspected.

 For Programme Three: Community Renewal and Infilling, 14 applicants were selected for home inspections. In early January, the Department will be contacting homeowners to schedule a home inspection at their convenience.

 The housing programmes initiative aligns with Department commitment to fostering a better living environment for all residents. These programmes are aimed to enhance the quality of life for families and contribute to the overall development of our community whilst fostering economic opportunities for local contractors.


We express our gratitude to all applicants for their interest and patience in this process. The Housing Committee remains dedicated to the successful implementation of Programme Two and looks forward to the positive transformations it will bring to our community.

 For further information on Housing Programme Two: Home Improvement for Existing Homeowners, or Programme Three: Community Renewal and Infilling, please contact the Housing and Community Renewal Department at 649-338-2220.



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