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Immigration Nabs Two Dozen Undocumented Individuals During Massive Joint Operation Monday

Commissioner of Police Trevor Botting

As law enforcement continued their operation across Providenciales in search of wanted men and other law-breakers, 24 individuals, on Monday, have been detained at the Detention Center on that island after their immigration statuses came up for questioning.

According to the Royal Turks and Caicos Islands Police Force, seven motor vehicles were also seized and towed away, after being deemed to not have the necessary paperwork to be on the road.

The following is the news release issued by the Royal Turks and Caicos Islands Police Force: regarding the operation:

A large multi-agency policing operation was carried out by TCI Law Enforcement agencies at numerous locations across Providenciales yesterday, (Monday 21st November).

Thirty-eight officers, comprising the Royal Turks and Caicos Islands Police Force, Royal Bahamas Police Force, working alongside Immigration Enforcement and Road Safety Officers carried out road checks.

The operation resulted in 163 vehicles being stopped, seven vehicles were seized and towed and 34 tickets issued for various offences. Twenty-four persons were detained under the Immigration Ordinance and transported to the Immigration Detention Centre.

Commissioner of Police Trevor Botting said, ‘As a result of our operations, some delays were experienced within our community and I thank them for their patience. Visible Operations will continue, so too other covert policing as we continue to track down criminal targets.

“You would have also have seen our Community Policing Team being very active over the last week, working with our young people within schools, at sporting events and career fairs. Both the operations aspect of targeting criminality and our engagement with our communities will continue. I thank the public for their continued support towards my hard working officers.’

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