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International Dancer Ryesha Higgs Celebrated In Parliament

Ryesha Higgs, a Turks and Caicos Islander, who has gone international with her dancing, was recognized by the House Of Assembly this week.

The House's acknowledgement and appreciation of Higgs, who is now performing with the cast of the popular Lion King, with a series of concerts in the United Kingdom, was spearheaded by Government Appointed Member Hon. Jameka Williams.

The following is William’s celebration of the dancer extraordinaire:

Mr. Speaker, good afternoon to you and the entire Turks and Caicos Islands, those listening by internet waves and those in the gallery.

I would like to give a special tribute to a daughter of the soil who continues to make the TCI proud everyday, the one and only Ryesha Higgs.

Ryesha is a TCI scholar, she completed her secondary education in 2014 as one of the top 3 students. At the age of 16 just a day after she graduated, she left the TCI and travelled to New York City to further her dance studies where she attended the two performing dance schools in the United States at the Alvin Ailey American dance theatre and also the Dance Theatre of Harlem.

Ryesha living away from home on her own from 16 years old not only was a full-time student of the performing arts but was enrolled in university studying to achieve a Bachelors of Science in BioMedical. This degree was completed last year at Kings College London where she had just completed her Masters with distinction in Global Health and International Surgery.

Ryesha Higgs, a student and dancer abroad represents TCI daily on an international stage with a featured dance role in Disney's The Lion King. She is our TCI Superstar.

Mr. Speaker this move today marks my commitment to honoring our very own. I hope this recognition will help to instil national pride in our country and people and serve as an inspiration for other young Turks & Caicos Islanders that they too can achieve all their dreams and they have the support of a government who cares.

Mr. Speaker, I would also like to highlight that there is another dancer in the cast of the Lion King who was trained by our very own, our national treasure Mr. Joe Robinson.

This upcoming week I will be hosting a Welcome Reception to pay homage to Ryesha. Ryesha, we are proud of you we are here to support you.



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