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Local writer, Drexwell Seymour is now an International Best Selling Author

Drexwell Seymour has just released his first book called “Rise Up and Take Your Position: Don’t give up. Find your gift and cultivate it." The objective of the book is to encourage individuals to find their talents and gifts. Once they find their gifts, they must cultivate them and then rise up and fulfil the purpose for which they were created for. Too many people remained in the same position for too long because they are suffering from an inferiority complex, bitterness and anger.

International Best Selling Author, Drexwell Seymour

This book is a motivational book and is based on stories from his life as well as stories from the Bible. Rise Up and Take Your Position has 95 pages. The book has already made Mr. Seymour an International Best Seller Author on Amazon capturing #1 in multiple categories and ranked in the top 10 in multiple countries.

Drexwell's Results:

#1 in Motivational Self-Help (USA) #1 in Two-Hour Self-Help Short Reads (USA) #2 in Self-Esteem Self-Help (USA) #2 in Self-Help (USA) #6 in Two-Hour Short Reads (USA) #1 in Motivational Self-Help (AUS) #1 in Self-Esteem Self-Help (AUS) #2 in Self-Help (AUS) #1 in Self-Esteem (Canada) #2 in Motivational Self-Help Books (Canada) #9 in Self-Help (Canada) #4 in Self-Help (UK) #2 in Self-Esteem (Netherlands) #10 in Guidebooks & Self Help (Netherlands) #10 in Personal Development & Self-Help (Netherlands) #1 in Motivational Self-Help (Japan) #2 in Self-Esteem (Japan) #3 in Self-Help (Japan)

The printed book and the EBook are now available for sale on Amazon. However, Drexwell plans to launch his first book officially in the Turks and Caicos Islands on November 19th 2021 which is the birthday of his and Joanna’s first child Drexanna Seymour.



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