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Message From TCIFA President, Sonia Fulford On International Women’ Day

"We live in the age of technology and science. Everyday day sees the emergence of new technological wonders; revolutionizing communication, education and transportation of all information.

Technology is forever evolving to facilitate its many advanced features, having great influence on our daily lives.

Whilst there is no magic bullet for achieving gender parity, technology presents a unique opportunity to shrink gender bias by providing a space for women to amplify their voices by developing their marketable skills, participating in informed decision-making, enhancing economic opportunities, and facilitating a collective action.

Modern technology is a powerful tool, and a beautiful thing when it works as intended. We can reshape our world into one that is more inclusive, and prioritizes gender equality by leveraging this power.

Let’s continue to encourage our women to march ahead in their endeavors, as we pave the way for a future where everyone thrives regardless of gender, through the use of technology.

Let’s continue to bring to attention our women who are disproportionately marginalized, and call for action to remedy this gap."


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