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No More Pre-Travel Testing; No More Face Coverings May 1

Government has made significant rollbacks to the COVID-19 protocols to come into effect on May 1, which includes a discontinuation of pretravel testing and face mask-wearing in public.

Health Minister Hon. Jamell Robinson

The announcement was made by Minister of Health and Human Services Hon. Jamell Robinson on Monday, where he also announced that as of April 18, the TCI has lowered its CDC health threat listing to Level 2. In recent weeks the TCI was at level 4 – the highest on the CDC chart.

In a 2 minute 54 second video announcement, Minister Robinson said that cabinet, at a meeting held April 20, took the collective decision to remove the requirement for visitors to post a negative COVID-19 result and insurance.

“Members also agreed to remove the requirement for visitors to have a negative COVID-19 test and insurance. As such, the requirement for all passengers to register their details on the TCI Assured Portal is discontinued,” he said.

He said the discontinuation of face mask-wearing in private areas will come into effect on that date as well.

“Cabinet approved the amendment to the Public and Environmental Health COVID-19 regulations, removing the mandatory requirement for face masks to be worn indoors and in enclosed spaces,” he said.

However, the health minister stressed that the requirement for all travelers to the Turks and Caicos Islands to be fully vaccinated remains in effect.

“Cabinet made amendments to the Public and Environmental Health Arriving Passengers Travel Clearance Regulations, maintaining the need for all visitors to be fully vaccinated on arrival into the Turks and Caicos Islands,” he said.

Robinson also announced that cabinet approved a fourth dose of COVID-19 vaccine to be administered for all adults…prioritizing age 60 and over, and also those with high-risk immunosuppressed individuals in the first instance.

In the meantime, Minister Robinson is urging personal and collective responsibility to lessen the infection.

“As we move closer to our new normal, pleas, continue to exercise your best judgment,” he said, while applauding frontline workers and health officials for their tireless work throughout the pandemic.

“I again thank all the health professionals, frontline workers, the various associations, and you, the general public for your role in helping us continue to manage this now over two-year-old COVID-19 Pandemic,” Minister Robinson said.



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