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Premier makes First Official Visit as CDB Board of Governors Chairman

The Premier Hon. Washington Misick, as Chairman of the Board of Governors of the Caribbean Development Bank, made his official visit to the Bank’s headquarters in Barbados between February 3 and 4.

Premier Hon. Washington Misick (second left) and Deputy Premier Hon. E. Jay Saunders seize a photo op with Gene Leon (second from right), President of the CDM and Simone Rudder, Permanent Secretary for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade, Barbados Government.

Premier Misick accepted the chairmanship of the entity September 2021.

Accompanying him on this visit was Deputy Premier and Minister for Finance, Trade and Investment, Hon. E. Jay Saunders and Permanent Secretary of Finance, Mrs Athenee Harvey-Basden, Deputy Secretary for the Office of the Premier and Public Policy, Mr Miquel Swann and Mr Bentley Johnson Aide De Camp.

During this mission, the Premier met with the Bank’s President, Dr. Hyginus 'Gene' Leon and Strategic Advisory Team (SAT) where introductory discussions ensued to give an overview of TCI’s economic and financial position and to hear the Banks’ strategies and agendas for the financial year 2022/23.

The Premier also met with the Operations Management Team, to discuss ongoing and potential technical assistance for the Turks and Caicos Islands and greeted general staff.

Speaking on Chairmanship of the CDB Board of Governors, the Premier outlined climate justice, water, sewage and sanitation management and renewable energy as the priority areas of focus for the Caribbean region during his tenure as Chairman.

“As we look to the individual situations of the islands in the Caribbean Community, we ought never lose sight of the need for collaborative action. It is critical in forging innovative, sustainable and cost-effective solutions to regional challenges going forward.

“It is not enough to rely only on new technologies to tackle developmental challenges and global shocks, but dialogues, sharing best practices, collaborating on strategies and programmes that are inclusive, can be the difference in improving poor standards of living, tackling socio-economic issues and delivering equitable prosperity,” said Premier Misick.

Premier Hon. Washington greets Prime Minister of Barbados Hon. Mia Mottley on his visit to the country last week.

He said further, “I hope that my Chairmanship is one that cements us toward the elevation of the socio-economic standing of all our peoples and that with each successive passing of the baton we are able to ameliorate the challenges we face, break down the barriers to sustenance and self-actualization and enable a path that sees only a growth trajectory toward the vertical socio-economic mobilization of the peoples of our region.”

While in Barbados, the Premier and Deputy Premier made an official visit to the Office of the newly re-elected Prime Minister for that country, Hon. Mia Mottley.

A news release from the premier’s office stated: “The Turks and Caicos Islands Government values its partnership with neighbouring countries in the region and welcomes the opportunity to form relationships that will aid the government in delivering best practice solutions to social, economic and environmental challenges.

“Further details as it relates to the Premier’s chairmanship, are to follow in a joint release from CDB and the Premier in the coming weeks.”



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