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Rapist Jitney Driver On The Loose

The Safeguarding and Public Protection Unit is actively investigating a report of an unknown male who is operating what appears to be an illegal jitney.

He picked up a school girl and subjected her to a sexual attack. The victim is now safe and being cared for.

We are seeking the assistance of families and communities in disseminating this information that is of vital importance to both government and private schools to put measures in place for the safety of children after school.

Parents and guardians are asked to be aware and take precautions and make provisions for their children to be collected safely from schools by someone who is trusted and to desist from allowing their child/children to ride home in illegal jitneys.

Parents and guardians are also asked to listen to their children and teach them not to keep unsafe secrets. Most abusers cultivate strong relationships with children before progressing to sexual offences.

Often, they start by testing a child’s boundaries by being inappropriate in other ways such as buying them gifts, giving them money and making them feel special. Parents and guardians should look out for these signs and alert the police.

The RTCIPF Safeguarding Unit has specially trained officers who will deal with any reports in strict confidence. They will listen to you and support those most vulnerable.

Any information can be passed to the police at 911 or call Crime Stoppers anonymously; or contact the Safeguarding and Public Protection Unit on telephone number 649 2326696 / MASH 338 4013

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